Is the difference really noticeable between a duel core and quad core processor?

Answer yes, the difference is very noticeable between dual core cpu's and quad cores. especially for gaming. because modern games use anywhere from 2-6 cores. the difference in frequency means nothing in ... Read More »

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Will i see a noticeable difference between a Intel core 2 duo and AMD Turion xs dual core?

you won`t notice the difference in day to day use, core 2 duo slightly quicker for games!

Dual core or Quad core processor (for Macbook Pro Retina Display)?

If you max out upgrades of 13" rMBP on Apples website you can get 2.9GHz i7 and 8GB 1600MHz SDRAM. For what you are doing, that would be perfect.

Intel quad core vs AMD six core processor?

The i7 will stomp the sh*t out of that AMD. All of the i5 and i7s will, especially because that six core AMD isnt even their best - thats the fx6300. Always go intel if you can afford it, because r... Read More »

Core I7 Processor Vs. Core 2 Quad?

When Intel Corp. introduced the Core 2 brand of processors, or central processing units, in 2006, it became the semiconductor company's flagship family. The Core 2 Quad represented the quad-core (f... Read More »