Is the wave type a reason my internet is slow?

Answer IEEE expanded on the original 802.11 standard in July 1999, creating the 802.11b specification. 802.11b supports bandwidth up to 11 Mbps.So something else is affecting your speed, try changing the ... Read More »

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A reason why my internet is painfully slow tonight?

Make sure you don't have any other programs that may be using the internet (ie Bittorrent programs. Uploading or sharing causes a major speed decrease)

Does anyone have a reason why my computer starts and shuts so slow?

Try Downloading the 30 day trial of Tune-up Utilities 2009…Run the 1 click maintenance. This will defrag your harddrive, fix registry errors, and clean te... Read More »

Whats the most common reason for a laptop to be running slow youtube vids take an age to watch?

Internet speed- stupid question, but does the internet slow down much if someone is downloading a large file?

If you are in towns and cities and have fibre optics then it shouldn't change, but if me in rural UK overhead wires and no other choices then yes it does slow if someone else is downloading large ... Read More »