Is the yahoo sever still down?

Answer down all day sunday ok now [manchester]

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If Wikipedia shut down, would people still reply on Yahoo! Answers?

i never use it for answers, but c'mon people ask some really ridiculous questions here when a simple yahoo/google search could answer their own questions without having to rely on others.

My samsung laptop has been shutting down for 3 hours but still has not shut down. How can I shut it down now?

You need to hold down the power button until your computer turns off, if 1-2 minutes has passed and nothing has changed you may need to take out the laptops battery, but make sure your AC adaptor i... Read More »

If I have a new pc , can I still use my old yahoo answers account?

Does not matter which pc you use, just login with your esisting username and password.

How to Determine if Someone Is Invisible & Still Chatting on Yahoo! Messenger?

The invisible status option was created by Yahoo! developers to enable users to remain online but invisible to their friends. For this reason, Yahoo does not offer an option for checking to see if ... Read More »