Is their a way to look at someones facebook photos if you are not their friend on facebook ?

Answer Yes. create a fake account and send a friend request and let them add you. Its not a suggestive option but if your desperate it may work.

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How do you know if someones sent you a friend request on facebook?

Facebook question, if you go on someones page or photos..?

Not unless you tell them or leave a comment or something. There's no way to tell who's been on your profile or what they've been looking at - it's all a secret! Muahaha x

Is there any way of viewing someones private facebook photos without going through any surveys?

yes try sniperspy, it is a smart stealth one that can help spy on facebook:…

How do you to view photos of you and a friend on the new Facebook?

I think they have scrapped it. There are so many new changes that it's hard to keep track.