Is their a way to look at someones facebook photos if you are not their friend on facebook ?

Answer Yes. create a fake account and send a friend request and let them add you. Its not a suggestive option but if your desperate it may work.

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Can NON friends know if you look at their photos several times on Facebook?

No she doens't know and will never know it ;) Enjoy !

How do people get so many likes on their Facebook photos?

maybe cos they r popular or something u can take some pics and it has to be good then put other stuff and be popular on FB they will all like it!! ok!!bye XX hope i helped

Where do i ask Facebook to remove photos of me from their website?

Basically, I would make a temporary facebook account; and add this person who is posting pictures of you. Then i would find the picture and click the "report" button and report the photo to the fac... Read More »

On facebook, can people tell if someone's been looking at all their photos?