Is there a 555 IC timer in an iphone?

Answer No. 555 timers would be used in simple electronic circuits. An electric toaster for example.

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Is There a Way to Force iTunes to See My iPhone?

To synchronise the data on your computer with your iPhone, iTunes must recognise the device. The iTunes application is not only used to sync data but also to update the software on the iPhone when ... Read More »

Is there a good uk restaurant-finding app for the iphone?

Urbanspoon is the only one I know of.Have you tried using Google Maps though? That can be quite helpful. Bring up the map of the area you want to go to, and then go to search and type Restaurants. ... Read More »

Is there any program to find my lost iphone via a map?

Only if the phone has a GPS application on it, the phone switched onand the battery hasn't gone completely flat!

Is there a way to plug an RCA cable into an iPhone and use it as a monitor?

No, you cannot. An iPhone is only able to output its signal to a display with an adapter, it cannot be used as a monitor.