Is there a computer expert about?

Answer The wireless network you are picking up must be somebody elses nearby as you say you have no phoneline. The have wpa security on it so nobody else can use their internet connection

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I need a Computer expert?

run in safe mode for a while - if all ok then its a driver or memory issueif it still does it it sounds like the graphics chip has overheated and will require "re balling" it may be time to conside... Read More »

How can i become a computer expert?

Computer expert needed! PLEASE!?

There are a lot of possibilities from malware (viruses, trojans, spyware) to hardware (something inside going bad). You could try any of the above suggestions and they might help or they might not.... Read More »

To computer expert : why is my computer slow?

Well, lets start with your BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), this would not cause your computer to slow down. The battery for your BIOS only controls mainly the clock time.Remove the casing, and c... Read More »