Is there a double plug for my router?

Answer no there is notyou need to buy a new one with many sockets

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Can I plug a single Wifi Antenna into the 2 conecctions on my router?

Not really. Though you could buy a "phasing cable" to join 2 to 1, that is usually the other way around, one feed to two antennas. Usually the router may have settings to enable/disable multiple an... Read More »

Lg monitor help cant fit a10 plug in socket but got my old a16 plug what will happen if i plug it instead of10?

You refer to wall socket power connection types in Europe and certain parts of world dominated by the former British Empire (like Commonwealth countries and a lot of Asia, some of Africa). These h... Read More »

Are there plug sockets on the eurostar?

standard have them but only in carraiges 5 and 14

Is there a way to plug an RCA cable into an iPhone and use it as a monitor?

No, you cannot. An iPhone is only able to output its signal to a display with an adapter, it cannot be used as a monitor.