Is there a double plug for my router?

Answer no there is notyou need to buy a new one with many sockets

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Can I plug a single Wifi Antenna into the 2 conecctions on my router?

Not really. Though you could buy a "phasing cable" to join 2 to 1, that is usually the other way around, one feed to two antennas. Usually the router may have settings to enable/disable multiple an... Read More »

Lg monitor help cant fit a10 plug in socket but got my old a16 plug what will happen if i plug it instead of10?

You refer to wall socket power connection types in Europe and certain parts of world dominated by the former British Empire (like Commonwealth countries and a lot of Asia, some of Africa). These h... Read More »

How to Change a Three-Prong Italian Plug Into an American Plug?

The electrical systems used in different countries vary in terms of voltage, wire colours and styles of plugs and sockets. Italian three-pin plugs are unpolarized and consist of a central bare-meta... Read More »

The vga plug on my computer broke. the plug is right on the motherboard?

You will find that the PCI card does not have the resources to play the game as it does not meet the games requirements for the 3D aspect in particular. Does your PC have an AGP socket instead? If ... Read More »