Is there a limit to the number of devices using a home wifi?

Answer Well there is a limit imposed by the size of the IP subnet used on the networkTypically you'll see a subnet mask of which means you can have up to 254 devices on the network, includin... Read More »

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How to limit bandwidth for WIFI devices on network?

Just get a wireless router that supports QoS. No reason to use three devices.

Very odd wifi problem: laptop does not gain internet access on home wifi, but other devices does?

I can't say exactly what your issue is, but here's some ideas to narrow down the problem. Open up command prompt and type ipconfig, and then check what ip you have. If it doesn't show a default gat... Read More »

Will there be a limit to the number of photos on Flickr?

If you have a free account then you have a limit of 100mb upload per month (reset at the end of each month) and a limit of 200 visible photos in your stream. You can upload more than 200, but the o... Read More »

Is there a limit to the number of messages your tumblr inbox can hold?