Is there a map showing where fibre optic broadband is available in London?

Answer These guys do 100mb but its £15k a year and £5k setup fee (O_o)…Just check with BT here by phone number…

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How can i get fibre optic broadband from Sky but not BT?

Sky did give you a straight answer,they said you can get Fibre Broadband.Sky have their own Fibre Broadband equipment at many exchanges this is why the test for Sky Fibre Broadband at your exchange... Read More »

Why is the fibre optic broadband I got being so slow?

check for changes to your router. range can affect speed too. If you're wireless and everyone is using wired, then you're going to probably slower. See if there's any sort of QoS setting on the ... Read More »

What is the best speed to get on optic fibre broadband?

These are residential fibre broadband only:With Virgin Fibre Optic you can get upto: download 100mbps, upload 10mbps.With BTWholesale FTTC you can get upto download 80mbps, upload 20mbps.With BTWho... Read More »

How does fibre optic broadband work?

You need a router, wireless or otherwise.…edit:- Hang on if its already a wireless router all you need is a Wifi receiver Read More »