Is there a new virus on Facebook?

Answer Well, there used to be one but you CAN'T get virus if you DON'T click that weird link you have never seen. If you see it, DO NOT CLICK IT, and ignore it. It's probably your friend's fault they clic... Read More »

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Is everyone elses facebook being weird i think the fan check virus has killed facebook :(?

yes it is a virusdelete the app immediately and change your password afterwards!!

My Norton Anti-Virus and firewall subscriptions run out soon, is there a free or cheaper alternative out there?

Yes!Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware (both FREE) have always protected my computer just fine along with Avast AV (I ditched AVG a couple of years ago when it started going downhill FAST and I f... Read More »

Facebook. How do I get rid of the new virus?

Heeey well i got the same proplem as u got dear this evening .. when i first log in i saw my friends status talking as same as u about getting statues updates from a month ago .. so when i back to ... Read More »

Facebook virus problem?

You may have an app linked to your facebook account that is authorized to post for you. I recomend checking what apps you have linked and removing any that may be responsible. If this doesn't help,... Read More »