Is there a program out there which can unlock routers passwords when on wifi.?

Answer yes there is. ut it is illegal and bad to do so im not going to tell you what it is

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Is there a program which tells me where my site is listed on certain Keywords ?

Yes, sign up for a Google webmasters account and you can then list your site and get all those details.

My laptop has Wifi, does that mean it can connect to the internet wherever there is wifi?

Yes you can connect to any wifi network as long as you know they key for the internet( the router code) or if the wifi network does not have a key enabledyou do not have do buy any hardware or soft... Read More »

How to Change Passwords in Linksys WRT54G Routers?

Linksys WRT54G routers are designed by Linksys for home network use. When you connect your Linksys WRT54G router, you should secure the router by changing the default password as soon as possible. ... Read More »

Is there a way to see other peoples wireless router passwords ?

You'll be hard-pressed to get anyone here--anyone with any sort of ethics--to help you do something that's 1) illegal and unethical, in every common-sense definition of the term and also 2) violate... Read More »