Is there a program specifically just for sharing live webcam images (rather than via MSN)?

Answer there is really no practical difference between skype, msn and yahoo im - google something like "view webcam remotely" and see what comes up. Security systems work on technology like web cams I am ... Read More »

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Is there a bike out there which you feel is so bad that you would rather walk than try it?

The only bad bikes out there are the ones you end up pushing. I'll ride anything from mopeds to crotch rockets. They are all fun even if the brakes don't work.

How do I delete my Facebook account rather than just inactivate it?

This very point was covered by "Computeractive" Magazine (it's a UK computer magazine) in the issue of 19. March - 1. April 2009 (p43). This is what the magazine said:(1) Got a Facebook account and... Read More »

Is there any car that you wouldn't own and would rather walk than have to drive it?

Any SUV. 95% of people driving them are poseurs.

Is there a way of getting windows to recognise the full 4096 mb ram, rather than 3500 mb?

hi mate as you have allready been told since you are running a 32bit operating system you wont be able to access all of your computers physical memory,however 64bit systems can address over... Read More »