Is there a quick way to delete all the pages you have become fans of on facebook ?

Answer This guide will show you the most comfortable way to remove multiple Facebook pages:…Good luck!

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Is there anyway to delete ALL my 'become fan of'/ 'likes' on facebook?

Account ---> Edit friends ---> At the left column ---> Lists ---> Pages ---> choose "x" to remove connection.

How to delete pages on likebuddy (facebook)?

Run your mouse over the link and while the cross will appear on the upper right corner of the link you just click it. That is allThanks

How do I delete a number next to "Like Pages" on my home page on Facebook?

you can get rid of the liked pages by clicking on the cross button in the top right corner of the box.

There are no more posts to show at the moment, Facebook pages?

Me too, this must be affecting all pages! At least it's not just me! Just be patient, i'm sure they will fix it.