Is there a way I can hide my "like" and "comment" activity on Facebook?

Answer You can add these users to your restricted listWhat happens when I add someone to the Restricted list?When you add someone to your Restricted list, they'll only be able to see your Public content o... Read More »

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On Facebook, how can I hide recent activity from showing up on my profile?

If you go to the account menu on the top right then select applications setting, you need to change the settings for each apps(links, pictures etc..) by selecting edit settings and selecting the 3r... Read More »

How to Remove a Comment I Posted Under Someone Else's Comment on Facebook?

Facebook's comment system makes it easy to share what you think when your friends post status updates and Wall posts. The comments on comments feature lets you specifically respond to other comment... Read More »

How to Hide the Time of Your Last Skype Activity?

Skype keeps a record of all your previous calls and conversations. If you'd rather not leave a trail of when you were last online, you can clear Skype's history to hide any previous calls. Clearing... Read More »

Myspace: Anyone know the codes to hide 'View All Comments' & 'Add Comment' & 'Displaying_of_comments'?

for MySpace 2.0 place in 'CSS section'div.commentsModule div.toolbar {display:none;}in 1.0 .friendsComments td.text td b {display:none;}