Is there a way my computer can open zip files which have been compressed by me using same computer?

Answer No worries, any problem related to the file extensions can be tackled easily by visiting this is the link. I refer this site for any kinda extension related problems. http://advancedfil... Read More »

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Why cant i open pdf files on my computer?

Adobe Reader is likely corrupted.Go to Add/Remove Programs and delete Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then, get the latest version from: and install.OR try Foxit for free.

Can i connect my dvd player/writer to computer via usb cable and record and copy files from my computer?

i dont think that is possible. you could get a external one or internal writer there real cheap under £30!

What is the easiest way to transfer files / programmes from one computer to another computer?

hardwired file transfer if you are using XPFrom the "Start" Menu, go to Programmes, then go to "Accessories" then go to "System Tools", Then go to "File Transfer Wizard". It tells you what to do n... Read More »

What cautions are when cleaning a computer with compressed air or other thigns?

Some says that is recommended not to let cpu or gpu fan spin, cos that may induct electricity witch can fry something, but I 1000 times spin it before with 4-5 bar air compressor and nothing happe... Read More »