Is there a way of checking if an iPhone has been connected to our household wifi?

Answer If you had set your router to start logging before the incident, yes. You look at the part showing what MAC addresses have connected. The MAC address identifies the individual device, and part of i... Read More »

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Wifi connected but can't access internet?

You should give more information about your situation before I can help you.

My friends WiFi says im connected to the internet, but im not.?

try to disable firewall, it might block unknown devices in the network ;)

How to check all devices that have EVER been connected to my WiFi?

You do have your router secured, don't you?Wireless connections require security configuration to prevent anyone with a WiFi in range of your router from connecting to your network. They could do m... Read More »

How can i get my desk top connected to wifi at home?

For that you'd need a wireless card.. i linked some hereWireless Card: PCI Plug in…USB Wireless Card: Easy to install and/or don't have an open slot in you... Read More »