Is there a way of having scrabble without having facebook?

Answer you Cant Play Scrabble on Facebook without being signed into facebook you could play scrabble if there is a site that provides scrabble without having to log into facebook

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How to Play Scrabble on Facebook?

You can play the traditional board game Scrabble on Facebook---a social networking website. Scrabble is a word game in which you form words from seven randomly selected letters. You earn points bas... Read More »

How to Play Scrabble on Your iPhone or iPod Touch with Your Facebook Friends?

Scrabble has evolved from a traditional board game to a new, digital format. One way to play the game is via an application created just for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Play as a single player, ... Read More »

How Many Tiles in a Scrabble Set?

A Scrabble set contains 100 tiles. All the tiles are of 26 alphabetic letters which sum up to a total 98 tiles. The additional 2 blank tiles makes a total of 100 tiles.

DIY: Scrabble Tiles?

Scrabble tiles are small enough to be easily lost and attractive enough to be pocketed by children who want to play with the letters. But don't fret --- it's easy to make DIY Scrabble tiles with ju... Read More »