Is there a way of having scrabble without having facebook?

Answer you Cant Play Scrabble on Facebook without being signed into facebook you could play scrabble if there is a site that provides scrabble without having to log into facebook

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How can you get facebook to send you an email with your facebook password without having to...?

Unfortunatly there is no way to. Facebook will send you an email with a way to access your account and reset your password. Of course, once you reset your password you can always switch your passwo... Read More »

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How do people cope without having there own transport?

you need to work around public transport, which is pretty good where i live, i have been doing it for the last 4 years, not as easy as your own transport but you will get used to it it possible hacked without having email address''?

i dont know how u can solve your problem but i sugest u that just find the best way to do same work to his or her