Is there a way of hiding things on facebook from one person?

Answer Yes.Go to settings (upper right corner) and the click the privacy tab. There, you will see many different things that you can block him specifically from seeing.Hope that helps.

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Is there any way to stop ONE person from commenting on your facebook wall?

blocking them is the only way that works 100%

Is there away to stop things I read/do from ending up on peoples facebook feeds?

You can simple just if u are looking at a particular person adding them as a close friend and u will receive updates following them on facebook and they will no longer be updated every time u look ... Read More »

Is there any honest person out there who does know how to gain an income from home utilising a PC or Laptop?

The only honest way is by joining PureProfile - google it. Definitely legit.Also, Emailcash.The other alternative is to place an ad on Ebay and sell the laptop - thats guaranteed to make money. The... Read More »

There are two people on facebook who i think is the same person ._.?

You can`t trace there ip address or something like that facebook wouldn't`t allow that,don't think you are capable to that either, but what you could do is check the personal informations of the tw... Read More »