Is there a way of not showing people when you were last logged in on Facebook?

Answer By not making any activity. The only activity you can do is maybe write someone a personal message if you are ok with that certain person knowing you was online. What i mean by not making any activ... Read More »

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Can people tell when you last logged onto Facebook?

People would only know if they clicked on the bit at the bottom of the page. When I'm online on Facebook it says how many of my contacts are online but I don't always click it to see who is actual... Read More »

HELP!! Facebook now shows when i last logged in?

Your friend is lying to you. Your Facebook friends have no way of identifying if you came online. It doesn't show on your profile or anything. The only way that this is possible is if you we're onl... Read More »

How u know when someone last logged in on facebook?

if you enable check box to remember can see on next login.

We flew from SeaTac to Maui last week. Because of snow on the ground and not enough deicer, many planes were unable to take off. On the return trip, the flight had a realtime listing on their t.v. screen of where we were (showing the progress we were?

The problem for planes isn't the temperature, it's the humidity. When the air reaches 100% relative humidity, moisture in that air begins to condense on objects such as plane wings. The moisture ca... Read More »