Is there a way to be able to burn 753mb of data onto a 700mb CD-R?

Answer There aren't any extremely simple adjustments that can be made to the ISO file itself (you could remaster the image, but this requires a fair amount of Linux experience.)If you have a network conne... Read More »

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How to Burn a Movie That Is Over 700MB?

If you have made a movie with a video-editing application or imported a video file from a digital camera to your computer, it might take up a lot of room on your hard drive. To save space, back up ... Read More »

If you burn a DVD in data format, can you read this DVD on a computer with just a CD reader?

No, a DVD requires a DVD-ROM at the least to be read in a PC.

How to Convert 1GB AVI to 700MB?

Whatever operating system you use on your computer, it comes with software that can compress video files from 1GB to 700MB. Windows 7 has Movie Maker 2011, while Mac OS X has iMovie and Linux has F... Read More »

How do I back up a dvd on to my computer in just around 700mb without compressing it?

You can't, a dual layer DVD is around 8.8gb uncompressed, to get anything smaller you need to compress, to get to around 700mb you need divx compression (as its less than 10% of its original size).... Read More »