Is there a way to block all games on Facebook?

Answer All you can do is block them as the requests come in. If you wanted to be ambitious, open a second account, and have that account send you requests for the games so you can block them. Sorry it's n... Read More »

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I HAVE NO WILL POWER. Is there any way to block Facebook on my computer, permantly?

Hi i have exactly the same problem :( There is no way to remove it for good, you can de-activate it, but the temptation is always there...These guys are sneaky like that lol. The only suggestion i ... Read More »

Are there any Theme Park games on Facebook?

Hey!From what I know so far, there isn't one. Hopefully there will be one soon!╰♦╮ ÐÄŘĶǸÊŠš╰♦╮

Is there a way how how to get a list of how much time my husband spent playing facebook games?

thats petty..just go to counseling..but if you really want to divorce then go for it but not sure a judge would care about him playing facebook games..He might court order both of you to go to coun... Read More »

Are there any games like Farmville where you dont need to sign up for facebook or anything like that?

She might like this:…I know a girl who plays this all the time.