Is there a way to block all games on Facebook?

Answer All you can do is block them as the requests come in. If you wanted to be ambitious, open a second account, and have that account send you requests for the games so you can block them. Sorry it's n... Read More »

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Someone is block my facebook network in my i am starts facebook?

You could try a proxy server..

If you block someone on Facebook will they know or not?

They will not get notified, but if they search for you, or try things like pokes or messages, you will be invisible to them. They will also be invisible to you.

How to Block Facebook From Use?

While Facebook is an excellent tool for networking and can help you keep in touch with friends and family, it can also be a distraction. Whether at home or work, it's all too easy to spend your tim... Read More »

Why did my ex block me from facebook?