Is there a way to export bookmarks?

Answer If you go into your profile (in windows XP this is found at C:\documents and settings, on vista c:\users\) you can go into your profile, and then copy the 'Favourites' folder onto your new computer.

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How to Export Google Bookmarks to Evernote?

Google provides many tools beyond the search service that made them a household name. One of those tools, Google Bookmarks, allows web users to save their favourite websites for easy accessibility ... Read More »

How can I save/export Firefox bookmarks?

With Firefox open, hit Ctrl+Shift+B. This will open the Bookmarks page.At the top of the bookmarks page is "Import and Backup" click on this and see several options.Choose "backup" to save the boo... Read More »

How to Export Google Chrome/Chromium Bookmarks?

Google Chrome and the open-source Chromium browser save your bookmarks in a file on your computer. You can export your Google Chrome or Chromium bookmarks into a standard HTML file if you're switch... Read More »

Is There Any Way That I Can Use Delicious Bookmarks With Firefox 3.5?

I love Delicious Bookmarks,too.don't you think it really great and useful?