Is there a way to export bookmarks?

Answer If you go into your profile (in windows XP this is found at C:\documents and settings, on vista c:\users\) you can go into your profile, and then copy the 'Favourites' folder onto your new computer.

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How to Export Google Bookmarks to Evernote?

Google provides many tools beyond the search service that made them a household name. One of those tools, Google Bookmarks, allows web users to save their favourite websites for easy accessibility ... Read More »

How can I save/export Firefox bookmarks?

With Firefox open, hit Ctrl+Shift+B. This will open the Bookmarks page.At the top of the bookmarks page is "Import and Backup" click on this and see several options.Choose "backup" to save the boo... Read More »

How to Export Google Chrome/Chromium Bookmarks?

Google Chrome and the open-source Chromium browser save your bookmarks in a file on your computer. You can export your Google Chrome or Chromium bookmarks into a standard HTML file if you're switch... Read More »

Favourites and bookmarks help please?

Bookmarks and Favorites are basically the same thing. They are just differently named by different browsers. Like IE call them Favorites and Netscape call them Bookmarks and so on.