Is there a way to make my computer go faster?

Answer -clear out the internet history documents, (on control panel in internet, also only keep a history of 2 days)-run a virus scan-install more memory (if you have $$)

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Computer Slow Is there any way i can make it faster?

Here are some 100% FREE tricks to making your computer faster.First, here are some basic questions.1. Do you have documents stacked in your computer that are useless? Sort them out from the ones ne... Read More »

When switched off my computer it takes about 5 minutes to closed down is there making computer more faster?

More than likely you have to many programs running in your start up that`s maybe why it takes to long shutting down also maybe you have too much rubbish stored on your PC,removed some To take some ... Read More »

I need to get my computer moving faster. Is there a forum I can join to ask if I can fix it myself?

Check out http://www.pcoptimizerprodownload.infoWith pc optimizer pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize your computer.It will help improve your system performance.Good luck!

Is there anyway i can make my pc faster?

Your processor is an older model. Processors in desktops usually sit in CPU sockets so that they can be removed. Honestly your best option for the device that you currently own is to purchase a ne... Read More »