Is there a way to put a password on a wireless hard drive or NAS?

Answer most true NAS devices (wired or wireless) have an admin account and from it you can configure directories and then control the access to the directories; controlling the access can block access ful... Read More »

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Is there much difference between 80Gb hard drive and 100GB hard drive?

On my hard drive, there is C and D drive, can someone explain why there is 2 separate drives?

Hi here we have a classic thing with hard drive set up you can partition one physical drive into many drives which makes the whole system respond faster.then we can have the old methods one is eide... Read More »

How to Password Protect an External Hard Drive?

With the rise in popularity of external hard drives comes the question of their security. A user will need some type of protection to use these external hard drives with any sensitive files. That i... Read More »

How Can I Secure My Portable Hard Drive With a Password?

A portable hard drive has inherent dangers, such as misplacement or theft. Once the portable hard drive is in the possession of another individual, all the data on the drive is in danger of being a... Read More »