Is there a way to set up a lock out on my computer?

Answer Ain't gonna happen unless you have a finger print reader or retinal scanner. Otherwise, password protection is the only way. Too much work for your fingers to type a few letters?

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Can I Lock My Computer 10 Points up for grabs...?

Windows Key + L to lock the workstation. Your account must have a password set to use this.

Can you put your computer on lock and still upload a youtube a video?

What do you mean by putting it on lock?That doesn't make any sense!

I have a modem lock service message on starting up my computer?

What kind of modem do you have...dialup....cable...or other? Was there a power failure...if you know? Are you able now to use the internet or are you being blocked?

I have a 50cc moped 2003 reg that im getting ready for a mot, the steering lock doesnt lock, is this a failure?

no you don't even need an ignition key, just a method of isolating the engine for safety. on early mopeds they only had a decompressor to stop the engine.Brakes tyres suspension and Rust are your m... Read More »