Is there a way to stop people tagging you in their status?

Answer Are they friends? ask them to not do that all the time.if they are strangers to you, cyberfriends you never talk with, you can delete/block them;

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How can I stop people from tagging me in Facebook photos?

You can remove tags by simply selectingthe tagged photo in your timeline and removing the tag.You can block a person to avoid them to continue tagging your photos.If you’d like to review posts an... Read More »

Why do you think people put 'RIP' to a loved one as their facebook status?

I guess it depends on the people who post. Some just seek attention, others support and some just are out of their minds when they do things like that(grief does that to you sometimes, you know).

Why are people putting a fine in pounds as their facebook status?

This is the list of what people are adding upSmoked weed -- £10Did acid or pills -- £5Ever had sex at church -- £25Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you --£40Ha... Read More »

Why are people putting an amount of a fine in pounds on their facebook status?