Is there a way to tell?

Answer nope

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Are there any architects out there Can tell me some cool info about your job?

i'm not a registered architect yet but have been working like is different for all of us and it really depends where you end up, i like it now i'm getting so much knowlegde and experience an... Read More »

How to Tell a Daycare That There Are Rude People Working There?

When you leave your child at a day care centre, you want to be assured that your child is being treated with respect. A single instance of inappropriate behaviour by an employee could indicate sign... Read More »

How can ya tell if there is no reserve on items on e bay?

if there is one, it will say "reserve not met" in red, wen u view item, those without this, dont have reserves

How to Tell if There Are Holos in "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Packs?

The Yu-Gi-Oh! card game offers a wide variety of strategies and cards. Some cards are holographic, which means that their background picture reflects when light hits the card. Holographic cards are... Read More »