Is there a way to use wired internet wireless?

Answer Yes just google Wireless BridgeGo on ebay and search "madcatz wireless adapter". It's supposed to give old xboxs wireless but it will do what you need

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Wireless and Wired Internet Speeds?

Sounds like a bandwidth issue. He must be downloading or uploading a lot for it to affect everyone else

Wireless taking priority over wired internet. HELP?

1. You may be correct. If he's unwilling to actually show you that he's not downloading movies, you have no way of proving it.2. For basic gaming (I don't know what "pink" means aside from color),... Read More »

My laptop won t connect to the internet wireless or wired?

you probally need drivers for the peripherills, hoped i spelled that rightyou have to find out what drivers you have for the wireless one and the drivers for the built in modemAs always if you have... Read More »

How does wireless generally compared to wired for internet connections?

wireless networks will never deliver the bidirectional speeds that wired networks provide. in the "real-world" transfer rates for 802.11x network devices will be about 50% of the maximum data rate... Read More »