Is there a way where I can uninstall sims 2 and install it onto my laptop without losing the data?

Answer Hi, if you go into the computer where you have previously been playing sims 2, then follow these steps:my documents > Ea games > neighborhoods > select all, right click and press copy. then get a m... Read More »

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How do you uninstall the sims 3 cuz its too slow on my laptop I want to put it on my desktop?

to uninstall any program do the following: start - control panel - programs - unistall a program - find the program (in this case sims 3) - right click annd select uninstall.

Ia it safe to install the sims 3 on to my windows 7 laptop?

Oh, for God's sake, this again? PUTTING THINGS ON YOUR HARD DRIVE DOES NOT SLOW DOWN YOUR COMPUTER!!!! This misconception is getting so old. The only way it could slow anything down is if your hard... Read More »

Will all my contacts on msn be deleted if i uninstall it on my laptop then install it again?

LOL no!!! ahaha MSN is connected to the internet.

How to Uninstall iTunes Without Losing Backups?

For iPhone, iPad and iPod users, iTunes is typically the program of choice when it comes to managing a media library and syncing media to these devices. Although many users are satisfied with iTune... Read More »