Is there a web site to see what speed my broadband is?

Answer There is no single site that will give you an accurate idea of what your speed is due to many variables like distance, time of day, etc. I use a site called and run a series of tests on d... Read More »

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Where do I find a site to check the download speed of my Broadband connection? click whichever location is closest to you on the usa map

How can my connection speed possibly higher than my broadband speed?

Ahh this is a common mistake many people make. What you are seeing is the connection between your computer and router. The router is connected to a modem. The Modem is what connects you to the Int... Read More »

What broadband speed am i getting?

Ah, I can help you there... check this out... also tells you how good your "ping" is, for online gaming!

Sky Broadband Speed?

How do you know it was 17-18 MBit to start with?What type of connection you on? standard BT line?What is local average speed? Town/City area?My village tops out at 2 mbit. Thanks for your answer Al... Read More »