Is there a website/page that lists famous people on Facebook?

Answer Erm....I beg to differ! I have 3 celebs as friends and yes, they did accept me because I wrote them a nice polite personal message. Not only did they accept but they were kind enough to write back ... Read More »

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Do you have any famous people as friends on Facebook?

i am fans of a couple people, and also friends with a few pro basketball and football players. i no theyre real accounts b/c i requested them a couple years ago when they were in college and then t... Read More »

Do you know any website lists people who want to exchange banners or links ?

Currently B2B sites and Web Portal provides Banner Exchange - Please refer portals and also try below mentioned link to find sites online;_ylt=A…

How Old Are Famous People?

Age is not a factor for being famous. People can be famous at any age. There are many young celebrities in the UK like Prince William whereas from old generation, Queen Elizabeth is a well known pu... Read More »

Famous 80's people?………all the above links give usef... Read More »