Is there a website/page that lists famous people on Facebook?

Answer Erm....I beg to differ! I have 3 celebs as friends and yes, they did accept me because I wrote them a nice polite personal message. Not only did they accept but they were kind enough to write back ... Read More »

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Do you have any famous people as friends on Facebook?

i am fans of a couple people, and also friends with a few pro basketball and football players. i no theyre real accounts b/c i requested them a couple years ago when they were in college and then t... Read More »

Is there any way to like someones photo on facebook without people on my friends list seeing that ive liked it?

only by adding people to your restricted list

Is there a way of veiwing myspace comments and friend lists that have been hidden?

download firefox. on the tool bar click view then page style and no style voila. it basically removes all of the css(cascading style sheets)which is what those codes are there not actually real blo... Read More »

Is there an easy way to become "Facebook Famous"?

no.. there is no easy but if u have any kind of talent or you can make a comic page and make your page famous by sharing and update it every day after you have done this make your own page and then... Read More »