Is there a yahoo answers forum anywhere?

Answer If you read the comments under the Yahoo news items you will get an idea of what a Yahoo answers forum would be like. There is a big difference between chat amongst friends and an open forum on th... Read More »

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Starting up a forum like Yahoo! Answers. Think of a name, please!!?

How do u make a complaint 2 yahoo answers bout answers to ur question that u find offensive/not happy with?

You can "report abuse" by clicking the red flag icon underneath their answer.

Is Wiki answers less cliquey and corrupt than Yahoo Answers?

Wiki Answers has no real community as such, so there is none of the stuff you mention... However, I would still say Y!A is much better for answers, a large number of questions on Wiki Answers don't... Read More »

Someone posted my name in yahoo answer forum as a criminal who do i contact to remove this?

If you know the person who did this, find a solicitor in Ghana who will sue him for defamation.