Is there an easy way to become "Facebook Famous"?

Answer no.. there is no easy but if u have any kind of talent or you can make a comic page and make your page famous by sharing and update it every day after you have done this make your own page and then... Read More »

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My friend asked me how can he become facebook famous?

By being charasmatic, trendy, having a niche in the Internet that no one else is currently doing. By not asking how to be famous... If you're a try hard, you're not going to get a following. It's 1... Read More »

Is there a website/page that lists famous people on Facebook?

Erm....I beg to differ! I have 3 celebs as friends and yes, they did accept me because I wrote them a nice polite personal message. Not only did they accept but they were kind enough to write back ... Read More »

Hi., are there any virtual assistants (secretarial) that can tell me if it is easy to become one?

I am a VA myself.It requires a lot of patience and the time required totally depends on your clients demand or deadlines for specific tasks to be done.Hope this helps. :)

Is there an easy way to remove Facebook friends?

this explains the fastest way…