Is there an easy way to tag all your friends on a facebook picture?

Answer you have to do it manually

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Is there an easy way to remove Facebook friends?

this explains the fastest way…

When you go to your friends on facebook why is there always seven friends on the left?

I can't figure this out myself. But Facebook is going down the toilette's...Cheers

Is there a way to keep the likes on a picture when you change it to your profile picture on Facebook?

if it's a picture you uploaded yourself, yes, it's simple...just click "make profile picture"if it's a picture you are tagged in, uploaded by someone else, then no, it's not possiblewhat you need t... Read More »

Is there an application on facebook which lets you see all the things your friends have posted on your wall?

Hello There, Currently no, but in the future we are planning to. Please suggest it in Help Centre for it to be higher on the Priority list.Michael JonesFacebook TeamVolunteer Staff / Assistant Admi... Read More »