Is there any bottlenecking happening?

Answer It's spelled Which* not witch.Anyways everything would work together, but like you said the PSU and HDD are the worst pieces.PSU, 500W is a little low. It'd run everything, but take into account P... Read More »

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Is my CPU 'bottlenecking' my GPU?

it's not bottlenecking, because it is running fat, i guess. but upgrading your cpu would be a good idea. you bought a very good GPU and a very bad CPU. your off on the wrong foot. get an LGA 1155 s... Read More »

Can someone tell me what's happening here please?

Maybe someone has been spreading rumours about you.You need to get a grip. OK you are a nice person, but I think that you need to confront at least one person and ask the question direct.What have ... Read More »

Why does this keep happening to me?

YouTube comments section is not the best place to have dialog or discussion. Keep your eyes above the comments section. Most of the time there won't be anything positive to gain from it.

This keeps happening to me?

your going through early phases of paranoia you should masterbate more often