Is there any difference between yellow ethernet cables and navy blue ethernet cables?

Answer The color of the ethernet cable means nothing at all.There are different types of ethernet cables. Crossover, straight through, cat 5, cat 6 and so on, but again the color means nothing...

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What is the difference between a yellow and blue ethernet cable?

There's usually no difference, people just make the insulation in different colours. Sometimes there will be significance, like yellow for crossover and pale blue for rollover (Cisco style), I've ... Read More »

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Can you buy long ethernet cables?

50 feet? How about 50 meters?If you go to the right store, you can get really long cables of just about any length you can imagine. In any color, flat or round, etc. They do not seem too expensive ... Read More »

Types of Ethernet Cables?

Even though Ethernet cables all look similar; subtle differences in the construction of the cabling make a difference in how well it will perform. Ethernet cables use a set of four twisted pair cab... Read More »