Is there any insurance that covers my phone being stolen and then someone making phone calls from it?

Answer The first thing to do when your cell phone is stolen or missing: call your cell phone carrier and notify them immediately. They will set it so that no calls can be made from the phone. The thief ... Read More »

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How to Stop Someone From Making Long Distance Calls From Your Phone?

Long distance calls can be expensive. A home with a number of people living in it, such as an international student house or dorm can see the phone bill skyrocket with calls abroad. To eliminate th... Read More »

What does unauthorized calls mean on mobile phone insurance?

It covers calls made on the mobile after it has been lost/stolen. It does not cover calls you 'claim' not to have made.

To anyone who's ever lost a phone or had it stolen whilst it was under insurance.?

tell your cell phone company it was stolen, and file a police report on your lost cell phone. if you go into a cell phone shop with a copy of the police report they might try to help you out but if... Read More »

Very good customer service on the phone in a call centre when making outbound calls; what is the key?

Keep a smile in your voice. people will be glad to talk to you..