Is there any other way of connecting stuff that need Wireless net?

Answer yes i know exactly what you mean. its called a usb wireless adapter. you can get them in different speeds for performance. eg 54mbps, 125 mbps ect. also the security encyption is done on different ... Read More »

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Need help with connecting two computers on wireless network?

How to connect a wireless network between two or more computers Using networking to connect computers helps users to share files between computers as well as transfer files. A wireless network is a... Read More »

Is there a way to download stuff from torrents while other people not seeing my IP adress?

Hi there I need help with connecting my xperia t to my pc?

Install it with the disk you should have got with the phone if not download it from there website

Hi, is there a way I can network 2 pc's one wired and the other wireless?

It should work.If it is not working, check that the network adapters on the PCs are enabled and, on the netgear wireless router setup page, the Access list has the MAC address of the wireless PC, i... Read More »