Is there any other way to find out your wifi password in your house?

Answer It should list it on the actual router itself on the side/back it has Network Key: Thats your answer

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How to Find Your WiFi Password on the Computer?

Although your Wi-Fi password is saved on your computer, it should be stored in a safe place in case you need to allow access to your network. Your Wi-Fi password should be treated the same way as y... Read More »

Where can i find my password from virgin broadband so i can connect my i pad to wifi?

Are you talking about your Account password or the Modem/Router one?Your Account one is a 10 digit one beginning with the lowercase letter ofyour surname and then nine numbers.To get into the Route... Read More »

My computer is wireless but I cannot find the wireless bar button to get my wifi password. PLEASE HELP?

If you are using a pc then you will need an Ethernet cable and plug it into your broadband, or a wireless adapter. Then it should work, sorry if it didn't you weren't very clear.

This computer has wifi but no way to get to the wifi password?

Wi-Fi Protected Setupâ„¢ (WPS) is a standard to easily connect WiFi devices,Both devices have to have the WPS button to support this method. Here is Cisco's description. Read More »