Is there any significant difference between........?

Answer Yes, on a number of fronts. A desktop PC is less portable, but usually more powerful, and more flexible with regard to upgrades that are possible.A laptop will usually come with a less powerful pro... Read More »

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What Is a Significant Other?

A significant other is, in the most literal form of the phrase, a person who is significant to an individual. This can include close friends and family members who have a large impact on the indiv... Read More »

How do You do Significant Figures?

For you to do a significant figure you have to know if the number is a non-zero digit. If zero is located between two non-zero digit it is also a significant. If a zero number is without a decimal ... Read More »

Are these letter significant?

KBD= keyboardOOD= hard driveNo idea what H means.Not a good idea to remove cover of a laptop unless you are an experienced repair technician, too many small delicate components can get broken.

What Is Significant Wave Height?

Oceanography is the scientific study of ocean waves and currents, and is connected to weather meteorology by the effect of oceans on global climate. Ships and other marine interests need informatio... Read More »