Is there any significant difference between........?

Answer Yes, on a number of fronts. A desktop PC is less portable, but usually more powerful, and more flexible with regard to upgrades that are possible.A laptop will usually come with a less powerful pro... Read More »

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Can anyone explain the difference between ordinary shares and B shares is there a value difference?

If you meant B for bonus share, there is nothing relation with ordinary share and bonus share. In a company, firstly issued shares are generally all ordinary shares, some company issued preferred s... Read More »

Is there a difference between dvd+r and dvd-r?

Commercial AnswerThe truth is that the two competing technologies use different formats. No single company "owns" DVD and both technologies have their "champions".DVD-R/RW was developed by Pioneer.... Read More »

Is there a difference between dvd-r/rw and dvd-rw?

Your computer is simply telling you that you can either burn a Recordable DVD or a Rewritable DVD on the drive. So you are free to use any of the 2 types, i.e. a one-time Recordable or multi-time R... Read More »

Is there a difference between the 2?

There are several, functionally separate, roles usually involved in the software development life cycle. Business analysts work with the project sponsor and customers to define functional requireme... Read More »