Is there any software that will alert me when somebody connects to my wireless network ?

Answer You can set "Alerts" notifications in your wireless router to send you an "Alert" message when someone connects.Depending on what brand of router(Netgear,Linksys,D-Link, etc.) it can be setup as an... Read More »

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Wireless router, two Macs, only one connects by wireless?

Go for high bandwidth modem that will help you a lot The answer ended up in the chosen 'channel' - I had left the Netgear to do all that automatically, thinking It Knew Best.Turned out it didn't kn... Read More »

My windows 7 laptop won't connect to the wireless internet but my phone connects fine.?

I would say possibly you have a problem with the wireless card in the laptop.Have you tried hard wiring the laptop to the router with an ethernet cableto confirm that it is not the NIC card playing... Read More »

Toshiba wireless connection problems my wii connects fine, but my laptop needs the ethernet cable?

I had a similar problem with my Toshiba Satellite for some time. In my case it was caused by network settings. I wired my laptop and disabled MAC IP address (or something similar), restarted my com... Read More »