Is there any software that will alert me when somebody connects to my wireless network ?

Answer You can set "Alerts" notifications in your wireless router to send you an "Alert" message when someone connects.Depending on what brand of router(Netgear,Linksys,D-Link, etc.) it can be setup as an... Read More »

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Is there any software for UK shares that gives an alert when there is an indicator on a chart eg. MACD cross?

try aptistockEASY ENTRY & EXIT in EQUITY share MarketYou may not find it useful, but may help your friend a lot. Please forward this email to all in your addressbookThis is a free BUY SELL reccomen... Read More »

Is there a software out there that will let me find out my friends msn pass from his email?

How bad is it to use, somebody else's wireless network in my appartment building you can connect to so many?

Depends how you use it.If you only use it to access the net you should be OK. Chances are you never get caught. If you get caugt you get a fine most likely.Mess around with somebodies files you are... Read More »

Is there any free software that will remove scvhost worm?

Yeah, I'd use MalwareBytes, generally that can get rid of anything I've ever come across. You can also press ctrl+shift+esc for task manager, open processes, right click svchost.exe, and select "en... Read More »