Is there any way of changing text which I have typed in caps lock into lower case?

Answer Try this:With Word versions prior to Word 2007:1. Select the text you want to change.2. Click on the Format->Change Case menu item3. Select the change you want and click OK. Note that each case's ... Read More »

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How do you change a big chunk of text from caps lock to not caps lock without retypin it?

Sometimes my keyboard on my compaq cq61 writes in caps when caps lock is off when i turn it on writes in small?

I have this problem with my Compaq at times. There isn't really any way to fix it permanently but I have found pressing the caps lock key a couple of times when this happens fixes it for me

How to Replace Lower Case With Upper Case Hotkeys?

If you want to change a large block of text from lower case to upper case, your best bet is to use a hotkey combination that will make the change automatically. Hotkeys, also called keyboard shortc... Read More »

What Is the Caps Lock Key?

A caps lock key is one of the keys commonly found on a computer keyboard. On most computer keyboard layouts, this key is located on the left side of the keyboard, below the tab key and above the s... Read More »