Is there any way of changing text which I have typed in caps lock into lower case?

Answer Try this:With Word versions prior to Word 2007:1. Select the text you want to change.2. Click on the Format->Change Case menu item3. Select the change you want and click OK. Note that each case's ... Read More »

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How do you change a big chunk of text from caps lock to not caps lock without retypin it?

I backed into someone who was just sitting there. She was also in my blind spot. Do I have a case?

YOU hit a stationary car. YOU were in the wrong!

Is there are way to convert text on paper, like pages of a book, into editable text without typing?

What CJ said. You just need to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that probably came with your scanner (or a friend's if you haven't got one) and save the resulting scan as an ed... Read More »

Have you ever typed your name into Google?

yes, another game is to write 'your name and the wants' eg Susi wants men in kilts Becky wants to knock her school down James wants $50m Max wants Pete to start liking him