Is there any way of finding out how old my computer is?

Answer Try right clicking on My Computer > Properties. It should tell you computer information and the date(s). You will have to do basic math from 2008 from the year listed there.

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Why is my computer not finding my DVD Rom and my Hard Disk?

Change the SATA status to 'Auto' (may be in some other BIOS menu eg 'Peripherals' ..)

Computer forensics - finding file from 3 months ago?

I'm not really a pro considering In only getting an A at a level, but I it not possible for you to access a back up that may have been done on the computer to then get the file without actually act... Read More »

Someone broke in to my kids msn messanger, is there anyway of finding out which computer was used.?

the answer really is... no.If you suspect someone else is logging on, best idea is to change the password.As its already happened, it depends. You could ask Microsoft to send you a list of IP addre... Read More »

Problem finding my p60, anyone know a number for finding my income?

Find your payslips - if its for this year 2011/12, take your most recent one and it will show tax paid to date! For last year, 2010/11 do the same, find the very latest you have - showing week 52 i... Read More »