Is there any way of stopping my internet from disconnecting from my modem to my next door neighbours?

Answer lol so u are using ur neighbours wireless? if its fatser than urs leave it like that utill he notices..otherwise u can encrypt the internet connection so it requires a password to connect

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Why does my belkin wireless router/modem keep disconnecting from the Internet?

No I don't think it has to do with the settings. For the settings on routers are quite straight forward nowaday, whether it works or never. I have a Belkin wireless router, which called itself "Hig... Read More »

I have discovered i can use my next door neighbours wireless internet conection is this wrong / illegal?

in a legal sense its totall illegal yeah, personally i say fair game! his fault for not enabling wireless security.go to a command window and type in ipconfig, find the default gateway and type it ... Read More »

Hi everybody, my neighbours are stopping the workmen repairing my chimney because the structure they are using?

It might have been neighbourly to discuss it with them first. Have a word with the claims department at the insurance company, they will be used to dealing with anally retentive neighbours. If it... Read More »

Can i connect my laptop to neighbours wireless modem?

On a laptop, not without adding a wireless card. You have to use an external antenna, and laptop adapters don't have antenna connections you can get to easily.You'll have to get a wireless card th... Read More »