Is there any way someone can see who's been on their facebook profile?

Answer No, there is applications on Facebook, to "find out who visits your profile", but they don't actually work.

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Is there anyway on Facebook you can see whos been on your profile?

Unless they like a picutre, status or post on your wall or something then unfortunatley no :(It would be fricken awsome though if you could :)

On facebook is there a way to spy on whos been looking at your profile and how many times?

yesthere is an application called "Stalker Check"I did it, it works, and I found out that my Mum is my stalker =]

Can someone look and see how many times you have been on their facebook profile?

nope. facebook has no such feature and never will. they have stated many times and any fb app claiming to "find your stalker" etc is just a virus. dont click them.

If someone has their facebook profile to private, is there a way i can view it still?

You'll have to ask them to add you as a friend. If it was so easy to view private profiles, you would know it by know.