Is there any way to delete my facebook that has been locked?

Answer This guide will show you how to delete your account on Facebook:…Good luck!

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How do i delete my old locked facebook account?

There's no way to permanently delete your account.o don't bother yourself and ignore it and go on .

On facebook, there are those mr men and little miss pictures that have been edited to miss drama queen..?

I don't know but just copy and paste someone else's. So right click on the picture and press paste, save the picture to your computer, then upload it on to your Facebook profile. Then tag people! :)

Is there a headlight/rear light that can be locked onto the bicycycle?

use security screws on the bracket; ones that uses a special tool/wrench on them

Can a status delete its self, or has someone been on my facebook?

hmm you must got hacked by somebody who found out about what your password word and information about who you are. i did usedo had faceboook too guess what somebody stole alot of informmation about... Read More »