Is there any way to solve the problem i have with bringing a file/program up?

Answer which windows are you using, if it is windows vista you will have to update your browser. matter of fact that might work on any windows. I had to up date browser and de-frag then try, other than th... Read More »

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Any body is there who solve this problem.?

Is there any way to solve the problem so that the landlady did not notice?

Solution: Just fess up and agree to pay for the necessary repairs. Ah, now didn't that feel good doing the right thing?

How to Solve a Heat Problem With an iMac G5?

The iMac G5 has a cooling system, but if your computer is running hot continuously, you may need to install a third-party fan-control application. A fan-control app can adjust your fan speed. If yo... Read More »

Why do people in flash pictures have "red eye" How do cameras try to solve that problem?

When light from the flash illuminates people's eyes, that light focuses onto small spots on their retinas. Most of the light is absorbed, by a small amount of red light reflects. Because the lens f... Read More »