Is there any way to tell how many profile views you have had on Facebook?

Answer There is no way of telling at the moment.Although there are apps out there claiming to tell you how many people have viewed.but these are all false and do not work.If enough people tell facebook th... Read More »

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Is there a way to see who views my facebook profile?

nope if u dont wont a certain person seeing ur profile u can block them and ur profile will become invisible to them

For the love of god, will someone tell me how i can track who views my profile on facebook.?

you really can't do this , an example i was just looking at some girls profile but she has no way of finding out i was , since she was on an open city network and her profile was open.

Is there a way to check who views your facebook profile?

As stated above there is no way to view hits on your facebook profile, facebook have many policies enforced on the site and a program to track profile views would be a massive conflict with those p... Read More »

How many MySpace Profile views do you have?

3406& i had it for like 3 years, but the thing is i never really use it.its only for TH fans and like 3 of my real friends.