Is there anyone here who remembers the internet in it's earliest form?

Answer It was called compunet, and available in theearly 1980's.I used to have it.It was nothing like todays internet, no fonts or anything like that.It was accessible via a Commodore 64, and the only thi... Read More »

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Anyone here got Tesco Internet Broadband - SpeedTouch ?

I have a 42 M b/s Internet connection here in Tokyo and it is anyone jealous?

Yea a little JealousAltho a few years ago I was setting up an internet site in Curacao and I had exclusive access to a 1Gb 'pipe' for a few weeks, now that was fast...Downloading entire films in ab... Read More »

Is there anyone here who loves Yahoo Answers but hates Facebook?

Yahoo answers is a great place to ask and learn but to me face book just seems like a waste of time.

Would anyone like to share their proven money making ideas on the internet, there are so many scams out there?

what are you good at say for the sake of argument you are good at carving so you start carving a few figures start a website and start selling them on the Internet it doesn't have to be carving any... Read More »