Is there anyone here who remembers the internet in it's earliest form?

Answer It was called compunet, and available in theearly 1980's.I used to have it.It was nothing like todays internet, no fonts or anything like that.It was accessible via a Commodore 64, and the only thi... Read More »

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The Falklands War: An Argentine remembers?

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Is this classes as a bad form of Internet trolling?

Not at all. If you're not being a nuisance, it's SMART to use a fake ID when you can. Only put personal info on the Net when it's required by honest sites.

How to save form and password on internet explorer?

Internet Options â–º Content â–º Auto Complete â–º Settings â–º Put ticks in the following â–ºForms, User names and passwords on forms and Ask me before saving passwords â–ºOK â–º Apply & OK.Also d... Read More »

Can i limit my internet want to stop greedy housemate form using all bandwith!?

Turn off wifi, or only allow specific IP addresses on the wireless network, and have everyone use assigned IP addresses. If you do either of these, you should also assign a username/password for th... Read More »