Is there anyone out there.?

Answer most disc audio systems cannot play MP3 files. Your PC can and a few players can - maybe ur TV DVD player.if the disc plays in PC but not in player - that is ur issue.either convert the files to wa... Read More »

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Is there anyone out there who would like to throw money at a new Domain Extension?

Can anyone really build there own pc And are there any good sights that can be recommended?………http://www... Read More »

Is there anyone out there who has saved money consistently for more than 2 years . How did you do it?

He has want to save for himself. If he doesn't currently see any point in doing so, you will have to work on that first. Suggest something he might want to save towards (e.g. car, ipod), or highl... Read More »

Is there anyone out there that funds new inventions, preferably in the UK, but not vital.?